Amanda Nenigar Death: Missing woman found dead near California-Arizona border

      Amanda Nenigar

      Local officials in La Paz County, Arizona, have made a somber discovery, as they found the lifeless body of Amanda Nenigar, a 27-year-old woman from California who had been reported missing since February. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Nenigar’s remains were found on March 29th in a secluded area of the county.

      Nenigar’s family had reported her missing on February 28th, with her last known whereabouts traced back to Blythe, California, a town located near the Arizona border. Approximately 56 miles away from Blythe, La Paz County became the unfortunate site of her discovery.

      The sheriff’s office revealed that Nenigar’s vehicle had been located on March 12th in a remote area south of Cibola, further deepening the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

      In a heartfelt message shared on Nenigar’s Facebook missing person page, her family expressed gratitude to the volunteers and individuals who had dedicated their time and resources to help locate her. However, their hopes turned to despair upon learning of her tragic fate on the night of March 29th, 2024.

      The family’s statement highlighted the many unanswered questions surrounding Nenigar’s death and emphasized that a thorough investigation, including an autopsy, is underway to shed light on the circumstances of her passing.

      The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on social media, confirming that the family had been notified of Nenigar’s fate and requested privacy during this difficult time. They also urged the public to refrain from spreading rumors or making presumptions about the incident.

      Furthermore, the sheriff’s office requested that individuals refrain from contacting emergency services for updates regarding Nenigar’s case, as the investigation is still ongoing, and the cause of her death remains undetermined pending the results of the autopsy.

      The untimely death of Amanda Nenigar has left her family and community devastated, and they are left to mourn her absence while awaiting answers from the ongoing investigation.

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