Matthew Urango aka Cola Boyy Death: What happened to musician & activist?

      Cola Boyy

      The music industry mourns the loss of Matthew Urango, known by his stage name Cola Boyy, a talented musician and activist hailing from Oxnard, California. His passing signifies the loss of a truly unique individual whose impact transcended genres and boundaries.

      Urango’s music, often classified as disco, was celebrated for its distinctive sound and progressive ethos. Described by NME as akin to “a disco ball melting or the after-effects of some particularly potent hallucinogenics,” his work embodied a spirit of adventure and vivid imagination.

      His musical journey began with the release of his EP “Black Boogie Neon” in 2018, followed by his debut album “Prosthetic Boombox” in 2021. Collaborations with renowned artists like MGMT and touring alongside them further solidified his presence in the music community.

      Beyond music, Urango was a passionate advocate for equality and representation, particularly for people with disabilities. Despite facing challenges due to his own physical disabilities, including spina bifida, kyphosis, scoliosis, and a club foot, he navigated life with resilience and determination.

      Despite encountering prejudice in the workforce, Urango persevered, eventually finding employment at Walmart. Despite initial setbacks, including hospitalization due to overwork-induced pneumonia, he continued to pursue his music and activism, ultimately qualifying for disability welfare payments.

      Urango’s death on Sunday, March 10, 2024, leaves behind a legacy characterized by tenacity, innovation, and leadership. Though the circumstances of his passing remain unknown, his influence on the music industry and advocacy for disability rights will be remembered and cherished by many.

      In honoring Matthew Urango’s memory, let us celebrate his contributions to music and activism, and continue his legacy of advocating for equality and representation for all.

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