Ex-Atlanta Officer Koby Minor charged for killing his Lyft driver, Reginald Folks; Claims Lyft Driver Intended to Kidnap Him Before Fatal Shooting

      officer Koby Minor

      An Atlanta police officer, Koby Minor, who was recently fired after a fatal shooting, claims he believed his Lyft driver intended to kidnap him. The incident resulted in the death of 35-year-old Reginald Folks and has sparked a detailed investigation by authorities.

      The shooting occurred shortly before 1 a.m. on South Fulton Parkway near Stonewall Tell Road. Responding officers found Minor lying face down on the ground in a surrender pose behind a vehicle in the westbound lanes of S.R. 14 Alternate. A Union City Police Captain held him at gunpoint until additional officers arrived to detain him. Upon being handcuffed, Minor reportedly admitted to shooting the person in the car and discarding the gun near the roadside.

      The vehicle, a grey Nissan Rogue with a broken driver’s side window, contained the body of Reginald Folks, who had sustained gunshot wounds. Minor claimed he had summoned a Lyft ride after leaving an Atlanta Police Department officer’s house. He confirmed the vehicle was his ride when Folks stated his name, and he got into the car.

      Minor recounted that as they drove east on S.R. 14 Alternate, Folks began conversing in an unknown language through the car’s Bluetooth radio. Minor alleged that he heard another voice speaking to him, though he did not elaborate on the content. Growing increasingly fearful, Minor claimed he asked Folks to pull over so he could exit the vehicle, but Folks allegedly continued driving.

      At a red light at the intersection of S.R. 14 Alternate and Stone Wall Tell Road, Minor stated he attempted to unlock the door and escape, but the door wouldn’t open. He then alleged that Folks turned around and reached towards the back seat, prompting Minor to fire his gun. Minor claimed he could not see Folks’ other hand and, fearing for his life, fired approximately three shots before breaking the window and escaping the car.

      Reginald Folks was declared dead at the scene, with the investigation continuing into the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

      Koby Minor joined the Atlanta Police Department in 2018 but was suspended without pay at the time of the incident due to a previous arrest in Milton last December. That arrest involved alleged possession of controlled substances, specifically Xanax pills, following a single-vehicle accident where Minor was suspected of driving under the influence. The Atlanta Police Department confirmed that Minor’s service weapon was confiscated during his suspension last year and remains in their possession.

      The Atlanta Police Department is cooperating with the ongoing investigation to ensure all facts are thoroughly examined. Authorities urge anyone with additional information regarding the incident to come forward as they seek to bring clarity and justice to this tragic event.

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