Authorities Seek Armed Suspect ‘Joshua Blaine Arquette’ After Shots Fired Incident Sparks Lockdown at Randolph County Schools

      Joshua Blaine Arquette

      In a concerning turn of events, Archdale police have identified the individual they believe to be responsible for discharging a firearm inside Carolina Container on Cheyenne Drive. The alleged suspect, Joshua Blaine Arquette, aged 36, has been classified as armed and dangerous, prompting authorities to issue a warning to the public.

      The incident unfolded at approximately 9:07 a.m. on Tuesday morning, with reports indicating that Arquette fired multiple shots before fleeing the scene in a white truck. Descriptions provided by witnesses suggest that he was dressed in a dark-colored shirt and tan shorts at the time of the incident.

      Despite efforts by Randolph County deputies to locate the suspect’s pickup truck on Thompson Heath Road shortly after the shooting, Arquette remains at large as of Tuesday afternoon. Law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing leads to apprehend him and ensure the safety of the community.

      In response to the shooting and the ongoing search for the suspect, lockdown procedures were implemented at several Randolph County schools. These precautionary measures were put in place to safeguard students and staff at the following institutions:

      • Level Cross Elementary
      • Randleman Elementary
      • Trindale Elementary
      • Trinity Elementary
      • Archdale Elementary
      • Hopewell Elementary
      • John Lawrence Elementary
      • Trinity Middle
      • Wheatmore Middle
      • Randleman Middle
      • Wheatmore High
      • Trinity High
      • Randleman High

        Wheatmore Middle School, in particular, underwent lockdown measures on two separate occasions throughout the day, reflecting the gravity of the situation and the heightened concerns for safety within the community.

      Authorities urge anyone with information regarding Joshua Blaine Arquette’s whereabouts to come forward immediately and exercise caution if encountered. The swift response from law enforcement and school officials underscores the commitment to prioritizing the well-being of students, faculty, and residents during times of crisis.

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