Michael Captain Death: passenger killed in a car crash involving an MCTS bus.

      Michael Captain

      The Milwaukee community is reeling from the heartbreaking loss of 31-year-old Michael Captain, who tragically lost his life in a deadly crash involving a car and a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus. While authorities have not officially identified the victim, relatives have confirmed that Michael was the passenger killed in the collision that occurred near North 35th Street and Wisconsin Avenue around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.

      According to Milwaukee Police, the crash occurred when a car traveling south on 35th disregarded a red light, resulting in a devastating collision with the bus. Michael was riding in the car at the time of the accident, leaving his family and friends overcome with grief and disbelief over his sudden passing.

      “I love him, and he’s going to be missed,” expressed Michael’s aunt, Tina Biskupski, reflecting on the vibrant personality and promising future that Michael embodied. Describing him as funny, outgoing, and universally loved, Biskupski recalled Michael’s plans to embark on a new job, underscoring the immense potential that was tragically cut short.

      As loved ones gathered at the scene of the accident, emotions ran high as they adorned the area with balloons and candles in memory of Michael, struggling to come to terms with the profound loss they now face. Michael’s father, who shares the same name, expressed deep sorrow over the tragedy, emphasizing the unimaginable pain of burying a child and lamenting the future that Michael will never have the chance to fulfill.

      Amidst the sorrow, questions linger over the circumstances of the crash, compounded by the severe injuries sustained by the driver of the car and another passenger, both of whom are fighting for their lives. Additionally, seven individuals aboard the bus suffered injuries but are expected to recover, further highlighting the widespread impact of the tragic incident.

      As the community mourns the loss of Michael Captain, they stand united in honoring his memory and offering support to his grieving family. With investigations underway and hearts heavy with grief, Milwaukee rallies together to remember Michael’s life, cherishing the memories and impact he leaves behind.

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