28-year-old Trevenian Mitchell killed in apparent accidental shooting in Wichita Falls

      The Wichita Falls community is grappling with shock and sorrow following the untimely death of 28-year-old Trevenian Chaquan Mitchell, whose passing occurred on Patterson Street late Monday night. The Wichita Falls Police Department (WFPD) has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mitchell’s tragic demise.

      WFPD Sergeant Charlie Eipper disclosed that officers responded to a welfare check request in the 100 block of Patterson Street at approximately 11:52 p.m. on Monday, May 6, 2024. Upon their arrival, officers were met with a distressing scene and initiated inquiries into the events leading up to Mitchell’s death.

      An eyewitness, present at the location, recounted to authorities that he and the victim had left the residence together. The witness revealed that Mitchell was in possession of an AK-47, wrapped in a blanket, along with other items. Shockingly, the witness reported hearing the rifle discharge, prompting him to turn around and discover Mitchell lying on the ground.

      In addition to speaking with the eyewitness, officers also engaged in dialogue with Mitchell’s wife, present at the scene. As details began to unfold, preliminary assessments by the WFPD suggest that the shooting may have been accidental.

      Nevertheless, detectives from the WFPD remain steadfast in their efforts, conducting a meticulous investigation to uncover further information and ascertain the true nature of the incident. Every detail, no matter how small, is being scrutinized as authorities endeavor to provide clarity and closure to Mitchell’s family and loved ones.

      The tragic loss of Trevenian Chaquan Mitchell has cast a pall over the Wichita Falls community, prompting an outpouring of support and condolences for his grieving family. As the investigation progresses, the WFPD urges anyone with pertinent information regarding the incident to come forward and assist in the inquiry.

      In the wake of this heartbreaking event, the community stands united in solidarity, offering solace and comfort to those affected by Mitchell’s passing. The memories of his life and the impact he made on those around him will be cherished and remembered fondly as Wichita Falls mourns the loss of one of its own.

      As the investigation continues, the hope remains that answers will be found, and justice served, providing closure to a community shaken by tragedy.

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