Mystery Surrounds Death of 23-Year-Old Wismea Harris found in Green Sea as Authorities Investigate

      Wismea Harris

      Authorities are delving into a perplexing death that occurred over the weekend in Green Sea, leaving a community grappling with questions and uncertainty.

      According to a police report obtained, officers from the Horry County Police Department responded to Long Branch Swamp Road early Sunday following reports of an unresponsive individual. The victim was identified as 23-year-old Wismea Harris, as confirmed by his mother, Wanda Harris.

      Heartbroken, Wanda Harris recounted discovering her son lying on the floor of her trailer upon returning home after midnight on Sunday. She described seeing blood around his neck and back and attempting CPR in a frantic effort to revive him before calling 911. Wismea Harris’ sister, Lanise Harris, recalled leaving the trailer shortly before the incident occurred, adding to the mystery surrounding the events leading to his death.

      The owner of the property, while declining to appear on camera, expressed shock and sadness at the tragic turn of events. She emphasized that such occurrences were unprecedented on the property, highlighting Wismea Harris’ respectful demeanor, a sentiment echoed by his family.

      Despite grappling with schizophrenia, Wismea Harris was described as a diligent worker who managed his condition with medication. While acknowledging the medication’s side effects, Wanda Harris refrained from attributing her son’s death to his illness, instead suspecting foul play.

      “The devil is alive. You will be caught. It will be seen what happened to my son,” Wanda Harris asserted, urging accountability for her son’s untimely demise.

      The Horry County deputy coroner cautioned against premature assumptions of foul play, emphasizing the need for autopsy results to ascertain the cause and manner of death. As investigations continue, the community remains on edge, awaiting answers and closure in the wake of this tragic loss.

      As of Monday afternoon, both the coroner’s office and the Horry County Police Department are diligently pursuing leads and awaiting crucial autopsy findings to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Wismea Harris’ death, offering hope for resolution and justice in this unsettling case.

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