Chanity Upshaw Arrested as Getaway Driver in Fatal Shooting on Eastgate Loop, Chattanooga

      Chanity Upshaw

      The Chattanooga community was shaken by tragedy on April 26th when 27-year-old Johnny McNabb was fatally shot outside a business on Eastgate Loop. As authorities delved into the investigation, chilling details emerged, revealing the involvement of a woman arrested for her role as the getaway driver in the deadly shooting.

      According to Chattanooga Police, surveillance video captured a black Hyundai Tucson in the parking lot an hour before McNabb arrived at the business. The affidavit alleges that upon McNabb’s arrival, two individuals exited the vehicle and shot him from behind before fleeing the scene in the same car.

      Minutes after the homicide, police discovered the Tucson engulfed in flames on Midland Pike, with surveillance footage showing a red Nissan Altima departing the area as the fire began. Through meticulous investigative efforts, authorities identified the owner of the Altima as Chanity Upshaw.

      Initially, Upshaw claimed to be occupied with work duties during the time of the crime, purportedly serving as a hospice worker for a nearby resident. However, subsequent inquiries by police revealed inconsistencies in her account, leading to further scrutiny.

      Following the issuance of a warrant, Upshaw admitted to her involvement as the driver of the vehicle used in the crime, awaiting the suspects implicated in McNabb’s tragic death. Consequently, detectives apprehended her on charges of accessory after the fact, highlighting her complicity in the planning and execution of the homicide.

      Despite pressure from authorities, Upshaw refused to disclose information regarding the other suspects involved in the shooting, further complicating the ongoing investigation into McNabb’s untimely demise.

      In an update on April 29th, Chattanooga Police confirmed McNabb’s passing, withholding his identity pending notification of his family. As the community grapples with the aftermath of this senseless act of violence, authorities urge anyone with information regarding the incident to contact the Homicide Tip Line at 423-643-5100, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in seeking justice for McNabb and his loved ones.

      The tragic events on Eastgate Loop serve as a stark reminder of the profound impact of gun violence on communities, underscoring the imperative of fostering safer environments and advocating for peace and justice for all.

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