Patricia Saintizaire killed her son Bryan Boyer by tying arms together, throwing him into pool

      Patricia Saintizaire accused of killing her son 4-year-old Bryan Boyer by tying arms together, throwing him into pool

      The Davenport community is reeling from shock and horror as Patricia Saintizaire, aged 36, faces accusations of committing a heinous murder involving her young son, Bryan Boyer, during a devastating case outlined by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

      During a somber news conference on Wednesday, Sheriff Judd detailed the harrowing abuse allegedly endured by 4-year-old Bryan at the hands of his own mother. Saintizaire, who immigrated from Haiti with Bryan, whom she reportedly considered “unwanted,” is accused of subjecting him to prolonged physical abuse and neglect, with chilling details emerging during the investigation.

      Among the disturbing allegations, Saintizaire is said to have tied Bryan’s arms behind his back and callously thrown him into a swimming pool. Tragically, Bryan’s 16-year-old brother, adopted from Haiti, became aware of his younger sibling’s deteriorating condition on May 1 and implored their mother to seek medical attention. However, Saintizaire callously dismissed his concerns, attributing Bryan’s condition to mere dramatic behavior.

      Despite the urgent pleas for help, Bryan was not taken to the hospital until it was too late. He passed away at a Haines City hospital, with the medical examiner’s report revealing evidence of prolonged abuse, including “layers of bruises and injuries” from previous assaults.

      Sheriff Judd solemnly remarked that Bryan is now “in the arms of God,” freed from the torment of abuse inflicted upon him. Shockingly, detectives uncovered footage of the pool incident and another video capturing Saintizaire allegedly assaulting Bryan while he lay face-down, enduring the abuse as if it were a routine occurrence.

      Saintizaire now faces grave charges including first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and witness tampering. Her initial court appearance was scheduled for Wednesday as the community grapples with the horrifying details of this tragic case. At the time of the incident, Bryan’s father was at work, and his 16-year-old sibling is currently under protective custody as the investigation continues to unfold.

      The allegations against Saintizaire serve as a sobering reminder of the urgent need for vigilance and intervention in cases of suspected child abuse, underscoring the importance of protecting the most vulnerable members of society from unspeakable acts of violence and neglect.

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