Chase Vantomme Missing: Chatham-Kent Community Unites to Find Missing Teen

      Chase Vantomme

      The Chatham-Kent community has been stirred by concern as 15-year-old Chase Vantomme has been reported missing by the local police department. Last seen on Monday at 4:30 p.m. on James Street in Chatham, Chase’s disappearance has prompted an urgent call for public assistance in locating him.

      Chase, described as approximately five-foot-six in height with a slender build, weighs 135 pounds and sports a distinctive shaved head. His attire at the time of disappearance included a teal-and-white sweatshirt with black drawstrings, matching track pants, and black flip flops featuring the Under Armour logo, providing recognizable identifiers for potential sightings.

      The Chatham-Kent Police Service, alongside Chase’s worried family, are deeply troubled by his absence and are actively pursuing all avenues to ensure his safe return. There are growing concerns for Chase’s well-being, prompting a widespread community effort to aid in the search.

      Authorities suspect that Chase may still be within the Chatham or Blenheim area, intensifying search efforts in these locales. Despite concerted efforts, his whereabouts remain unknown, prompting an appeal to the public for any information that may assist in locating him.

      Individuals with relevant information are urged to come forward and contact the Chatham-Kent Police Service directly at 519-436-6600. Moreover, those who wish to provide information anonymously can do so through Chatham-Kent Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), ensuring confidentiality while aiding in the investigation.

      The Chatham-Kent Police Service underscores that finding Chase is of paramount importance, emphasizing their appreciation for the community’s steadfast support and collaboration in the ongoing search efforts. Each lead, no matter how seemingly insignificant, plays a crucial role in piecing together Chase’s whereabouts and ensuring his safe return to his loved ones.

      As the investigation unfolds, the community remains hopeful and vigilant, united in their shared determination to locate Chase and bring him back home safely. In this challenging time, the collective efforts of law enforcement and concerned citizens serve as a beacon of hope, reaffirming the unwavering commitment to the well-being of every member of the Chatham-Kent community.

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